EIM - Ethics and Integrity in Ministry

What is the Purpose of the EIM Program?

The Ethics and Integrity in Ministry program of the Diocese of Austin and Sacred Heart-Rockne parish is devoted to providing the safest possible environment for our parishioners and visitors. The program promotes the protection of minors, elderly adults, and adults with disabilities as well as ethical behavior in all ministries.

Who Should Participate in the EIM Program? 

Volunteers involved in many ministries -- teachers, lay readers, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, musicians, etc. -- must participate in the program. This includes an application, agreement to a background check, an initial in-person workshop, and a refresher every three years to ensure that volunteer knowledge of EIM policies and procedures is current.

How do I Initiate an Application?

Click here to create an account and submit an initial EIM Application. Be sure to complete all sections of the application within 48 hours. After creating an account, applicants who have never attended an EIM Workshop must attend an in-person EIM Workshop to fulfill their initial EIM compliance requirement and be eligible to serve in ministry. Sign up for a workshop through your EIM account.

How do I Renew My Training and Background Check Compliance?

Volunteers required to take the EIM training must take refresher training and agree to a new background check every 3 years. You will get an email reminder when it's time to take the refresher training, which is offered online. In your EIM account (here), look for the "Current Training" notice to take the training. Both English and Spanish options are available.

How do I Report Abuse?

Report abuse of a minor, elderly adult, or an adult with a disability to local law enforcement or to the Texas Abuse Hotline at www.txabusehotline.org or (800) 252-5400 and to the diocese at www.austindiocese.org/report-abuse or (512) 949-2447. Bishop Joe S. Vásquez and the Diocese of Austin are committed to providing compassionate care to persons who have experienced abuse, particularly if committed by clergy or a church representative. If you or someone you know have experienced such abuse, contact the diocesan Coordinator of Victim Assistance and Pastoral Support at (512) 949-2400. 

What if I Have Questions?

Maintaining a safe environment and ensuring that all people are treated in an ethical and fair fashion is the responsibility of all parishioners. Please contact Laura with any questions, comments or concerns.  You can find more information about the Church's EIM initiative and policies on the EIM page of the Diocese of Austin website.