Online Offering

What is Online Offering?

Online giving allows you to setup bank account withdrawals and/or credit card charges for making gifts to Sacred Heart Rockne.

How Can I Offer?

To participate in online giving for Sacred Heart Rockne, go to:

Sacred Heart Online Giving Portal

This feature is made possible through the help of Our Sunday Visitor, an organization dedicated helping Catholics parishes.  All transactions are secure and your information will remain confidential.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Offering

  1. Login to the Our Sunday Visitor online giving portal using the link above.
  2. Select either "Offertory" or "Collection" -- "Offertory" is for the normal Sunday collection for Sacred Heart Rockne while "Collection" is for the Diocesan Second Collection.
  3. Enter the gift amount.
  4. Select the gift type (recurring or one time).  If recurring, select the frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.).
  5. Provide the date when the gift would be made.
  6. Click the "Continue" button.
  7. Either sign in if you already have an account (you may need to scroll to the bottom to do this) -or- enter your billing details.

Important Notes: