RCIA Adapted for Youth

What is RCIA Adapted for Youth?

RCIA Adapted for Youth helps young people prepare for the Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation – over a two-year period. The needs of each child are considered throughout the process.

Who should attend RCIA Adapted for Youth?

The RCIA Adapted for Youth Program is designed for youth in third through twelfth grades who have not been baptized. Initiation into the Catholic Church is a celebration for the whole family (the domestic church), so a family member is required to attend classes with the youth.

Children who are younger than eight years of age, or who have been baptized, should register for regular Religious Education classes.

How long is the RCIA Adapted for Youth program?

Youth and their family members begin the program in the fall of one year and attend classes through the next spring. Classes continue during the next school year, with the Sacraments being received during the Easter Vigil of that second school year.