Parish Councils

Sacred Heart Rockne is looking for qualified individuals to sit on either the Pastoral Council or the Finance Council.

To nominate someone to either (or both) of these councils, go to Pastoral Council and Finance Council Nominations.  Be sure to include the name of the person you wish to nominate and a way (email or phone) for us to contact that person.

You will find a full list of required qualifications below.

The councils are concerned with forward looking issues, such as how to effectively encourage more Sunday mass attendance, increased interest in vocations, Pro-Life activities, evangelization, planning for future property renovation, budgeting, and fund raising.

The councils propose solutions for issues to Father for his consideration and action. The councils also bring to Father any pastoral or financial issues of concern.

This information will be collected through mid- to end of October for consideration by Father.


Pastoral Council Members must:

Finance Council Members must: